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The effective partnership between the SENT and the GOERS, lubricate the wheels of global missions. The CAPRO Adoption Program (CAP) is a partnership program that provides every Great Commission believer/ church with the opportunity to play their role in taking Christ to the frontiers of missions, by means of Adoption and Partnership. By choosing to adopt a missionary (or missionaries), you put yourself in the line of battle as one of the fundamental players in making Christ known in the regions beyond.


To participate in the CAP, you will need to come with a conviction that God needs you to play this role. Do not choose to begin the process of adopting a missionary out of sympathy or any other humanistic emotional motivation. Someone that wants to adopt must come with the full conviction that adopting a missionary is a noble, godly and correct thing to do. It is sad to note that several missionaries suffer untold hardships and defeat at times, because of the failure of or lack of effective partnership from partners.

It is our earnest desire that you will arrive at a firm conviction to adopt a missionary (ies), in Jesus name. Amen.



There are 3 basic things that are required of a person that wants to adopt.

Pray for the missionary

More important than giving your finances is giving your prayers. Please pray even as you decide to financially adopt a missionary. Get others to join also in the prayers. Prayer opens windows of grace on the missionary as well as doors of blessings to the person that wants to adopt. Both benefit from the adoption process, but the entire process must be bathed and birthed in prayers. Go to PRAY tab and choose if you want to pray alone for the missionary, join a existing prayer cell or host one.

Prayerfully decide whom to Adopt

If we know of any preferences you may have, we can thereafter provide you a missionary for adoption. It could be a couple, a single brother or sister, or maybe a missionary working in a particular region, for example, West North & Central Africa (WENOCA) Region, East & Horn of Africa (EHA) region, Southern Africa & the Islands (SATI) Region, Europe Asia & Pacific (EURASIAP) Region, Middle East, North America  & Canada. From the vast network of over 800 CAPRO missionaries, we believe that we can find the type of missionary you sense God would have you adopt. If you don’t have any preferences, we will simply send you one of the neediest missionaries on our database,

Prayerfully consider the amount you want to regularly give.

Each of the 800 plus CAPRO missionaries in 40 countries do not receive any salaries. This is CAPRO policy. Every missionary is called to live by faith in God’s goodness, which is often shown through the Body of Believers. You can be the answer to the needs of missionaries somewhere. What’s therefore critical in the CAP is the regularity of giving. The amount you give is not as important as the regularity of giving. Although our goal is to raise partners who collectively can give $200/ per month per missionary, you can give anything God grants you grace and in any currency of your choice. To proceed with an adoption, please go to the GIVE tab and click the ADOPTION menu.

Once you get back to us on your preferred missionary category (if you have one) & your preferred monthly commitment (if you’ve decided on the amount), then we will forward you a missionary to adopt & you can begin to adopt someone.

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