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CAPRO is a non-denominational Missions Agency, drawing her staff and partners from different Bible believing church denominations.

CAPRO is a part of the Church and works in partnership with different Bible believing churches in all the countries of her operation. CAPRO cannot exist without the Church. CAPRO sees her ministries as an integral part of what the Church of God is called upon to do on earth.


CAPRO only sends out missionaries in partnership with local churches. CAPRO will not send out a missionary without the consent of his local Church leadership.

CAPRO trains missionaries for local churches and releases them back to their churches for deployment.

CAPRO works with churches who want to deploy their missionaries on CAPRO mission stations. Through the CAPRO-Church Partnership, CAPRO provides field mentorship for such Church evangelists and missionaries.

CAPRO provides field excursions to churches who want their members to have a short-term missions exposure to missions.

CAPRO partners with churches to host church-based trainings in GE (general evangelism), ME (Muslim evangelism) and DM (discipleship and missions)

As part of the CAPRO-Church partnership, CAPRO requests her partnering churches to consider:

Adopting CAPRO as (one of) her mission agency or mission expression(s) to the unreached.

Making CAPRO a default prayer item in the church service, Church prayer schedules and prayer meetings.

Adopting a CAPRO missionary or mission field for regular field visits and financial partnership.

Introducing CAPRO to her network of churches and Church pastors for possible partnerships.

Sending short and long-term volunteers to serve with CAPRO.

What is CAST?

CAST refers to CAPRO Sending Teams. These are committed missions partners who believe in the Great Commission and the CAPRO Mandate, and are determined to do something about it. CAST is located in several countries of the world, particularly where CAPRO has a registered presence. CAST members are part of the CAPRO Family. They are involved in three strategic ministries:

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