Occupy Editorial: The cry of the other Sheep.

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In the Sahel, right from Senegal all the way to Ethiopia are scattered people groups, many of which are unengaged by the Church of Jesus Christ. All the people groups found in the Sahel and the unengaged peoples in other parts of the world constitute the ‘other sheep’ the Church must reach before Christ comes.

www.Asialink.org reports that every hour, 72 women and children are sold into slavery; 237 people die of HIV/AIDS; 89 die of chronic hunger, while 1,250 people die of preventable diseases. The report also says there are 140 million orphans, 150 million street beggars, 1 billion slum dwellers and 1 billion who survive with less than 1.25 dollars a day. Many of these are not only ‘the other sheep’ among unengaged unreached peoples but ‘the sheep in our back yard’ and even around us, as captured in the Opinion Page.

Impression & Letters will be carrying glimpses from the Father’s heart. In the next few editions, we will be running a series titled ‘Where Many Ministers Fail’. It promises to be an encounter with Christ. Feel free to drop your comments.

This edition, ‘The Cry of the Other Sheep’ is sent forth to the Church with the hope that the Church will hear the cry of souls around her, feel their pain and labour to bring them into the fold.

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