Reignite: “Man, the abode of God” part 2

Do you know that ‘Man was made for a covenant communion with God in righteousness and Holiness? While the Fall has marred the image of God – shattering the righteousness and Holiness in which we were first made – God sent His Holy son Jesus Christ: Our Ancient Landmark to reconcile us back to Him. […]

Reignite: Man, the abode of God

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Mike Oye ‘Man was made for covenant communion with God in righteousness and Holiness. While the Fall has marred the image of God – shattering the righteousness and Holiness in which we were first made – God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem mankind and restore the image of God “in […]


Dearly beloved in Christ Jesus. We’re thrilled to welcome you aboard! Please kindly register here. Impact, an annual youth conference hosted by Calvary Ministries, is aimed at young professionals, students, and young adults. This conference is tailored to empower, equip, and mobilize youth through the timeless word of God, preparing them to be catalysts for […]

Reignite: A Nation to Win-Battle Cry for the lost in our Nation

She is called the Giant of Africa because of the vastness of her land and the diversity of her people (250 ethnic groups speaking about 500 distinct languages). On the 1st of Oct.1960, She gained independence from the British colonial masters. Yet, she is not “totally” FREE as she is eclipsed by several militating factors. […]

Lagos Arise LDG Is Here

The metropolitan city of Lagos are you ready? LDG comes to your town in grand style. Do you know that for the past 4 decades LDG has been like a voice in the wilderness? A clarion call to the church.A call to awaken her from her slumber as she prepares for Christ’s imminent return.A call […]

Reignite: The Place of Watchmen in God’s Global Move

Every believer is called to be a spiritual watchman to some degree in his or her prayer life. It may be a watchman upon the walls of your family, or the walls of your church or your city, or God may entrust you with being a spiritual watchman on the walls of the nation. – […]

Reignite: Passion for Souls

Oh! to realize that SOULS, precious, never dying Souls are perishing all around us, going out into the blackness of darkness and despair, and eternally lost and yet to feel no anguish, shed no tears, know no travail – Oswald J. Smith This is a special invitation for you to Reignite your passion for souls […]

WOMEN MISSIONS CONFERENCE – You are my battle axe.

It is happening live and direct, join us for CAPRO Women Missions Conference. WMC is a life Transforming Conference that sharpens the Missions vision in every woman. My dear sisters, YOU ARE GOD’S BATTLE AXE. Please invite another sister and let us come and learn together at the master’s feet. Theme – You are my […]

Reignite: The Urgency Demands The Involvement of All

The king’s business requires urgency, and every believer is expected to run with this sense of urgency. Join us this Sunday for another life Transforming session. Our speaker is Pastor Segun Ariyo. Topic: The Urgency Demands the Involvement of AllDate: Sunday, June 4th, 2023Time: 6pmVenue: 10, Turton Street, Sabo Yaba Join by clicking on any […]

Reignite: Ask me of the mountains yet possessed

Give me this mountain ! was the cry of Caleb even at age 80. Brethren, there are unclaimed mountains all around us. This month’s reignite shall focus on the topic: Ask me of the Mountains yet unpossessed Bro. Ayanfe Malumi is the vessel the Lord has prepared to bless us at this month’s REIGNITE. Do […]